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Neitratheraphy: Non-Toxic Skin and Self Care

This Collection includes our Face Cleanser, Toners, and Serums as well as our Thieves Oil Blend and Beard Oils.

Our Face Line cleans, tones and moisturizes your skin and allowing it to naturally balance itself.  Our Face and Body Scrub is a deliciously gentle exfoliant that will leave your skin feeling brand new. 

Our exclusive Thieves Oil Blend is a combination of powerful essentials oils that has quite a reputation.  Many consider it a must have for the cold & flu season as it fights the spread of germs and ensures clean environments. Our Germ Blaster Spray makes it even easier for you to harness the antibacterial and antiviral power of these incredible essential oils.

We've created a Beard Oil formulated with essential oils that not only smell fantastic but contain powerful therapeutic properties too. Our micro-batched Beard Oil blends support your body's natural production of sebum - working to prevent "beadruff" in mature beards or relieving the "growing pains" of new beards too!